P. Waddington & Co [1947] Ltd

Animal By-Products Processor & Recycling Solutions

The Local, Independent Category 1 & 2 Animal By-Products Processor

P. Waddington and Co. (1947) Ltd has a long and proud history of collecting & processing Category 1 & 2 Animal by-products and fallen stock, in Yorkshire, the Midlands, the South-West & South Wales (including through our sister company F.M. Caine & Sons).

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Part of the JG Pears Group

Please see the JG Pears website for our full range of animal by-product services, including Category 3.

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Based in Bradford, west Yorkshire. We aim to recycle all animal by products into energy and biofuels through our products of Tallow and Meat and Bonemeal.

We cover the whole of the united Kingdom with all our services. (please see our services page for more details.)

We collect and accept deliveries of Animal by products, Knacker, DOA materials, Specialist risk material, Fats and proteins.

P Waddington is a Category 1 rendering plant so will also collect and accept unusual wastes such as roadkill and Zoo animals.  All our collections are done by trailer and bin lifter and are bio secure.

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It is the intention of P Waddington & co (1947) Ltd to produce safe and good standards when disposing Animal By-products and food waste that enter our premises. We have a duty to serve our customers and to protect the local environment.