Our proud history

An Unusual Partnership

In 1882 two Bradford businessmen, Priestley Waddington and Richard Jarrett got together to form a company processing butchers' and abattoir waste. The partnership was an unusual one, admittedly Priestley was a butcher but what attracted the builder and stone quarryman Jarrett to the manufacture of glue, dripping and tallow is anyone's guess.


Beginnings in Jesse Street

They set up shop at Crossley Hall Works, Jesse Street in Fairweather Green and the raw material was boiled up in large pans and cooked for many hours to extract the essential oils and fats. The buckets of dripping were delivered by horse and cart, each bucket covered with a sheet of brown paper, as a nod in the direction of hygiene, with the two men sharing the work of collection and delivery. Later, Priestley's brother Sam Waddington of J. Waddington in Keighley invested much needed cash on taking over the business.

The company occupied these premises for over 80 years and during World War 2 they came under the control of the Ministry of Supply. Taking the name Fabons Ltd they controlled the supply of palm kernel oil to the North East. At the end of the war the company returned to its traditional products and services and went from strength to strength under the direction of Sam Waddington II with John Waddington of Stocksbridge, Keighley joining in 1945.


The UK's Premier processors

Today that company lives on as one of the UK's premier animal by-product and waste processors occupying a state of the art plant in Bradford.
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