We have an environmental Commitment to local area; due to the nature of the material our multi-million-pound rendering plant will virtually omit any foul smells to our neighbours and the city of Bradford.

We work with Bradford council our local authority, the environment agency and Animal health and Yorkshire water to ensure a comfort free zone for our neighbours and the city of Bradford.


Respecting the Environment

P Waddington & Co. (1947) Ltd accepts that the basis of environmental concern is a healthy respect for others.

All of us will strive to minimise any disturbances to the local and global environment and the quality of life of the local communities in which we operate.

We will comply fully at all times with all statutory regulations relating to our operation.

We will at all times maintain our premises to the highest practical standard.

We will take positive steps to conserve resources and will not deliberately destroy resources for reasons of profit.

We will continually assess the environmental effects of all our operations and any new development in order to minimise the effect on the environment.

We will strive to ensure that our products are disposed of with the least effect on the environment and recycled or reused where possible.